Wet Lab

Our wet lab can be rented for dyeing projects, small screen printing work and other 'wet' activities. It offers all the basics you need (pots of different size, bowls, scale, basic chemistry and tools).

Daily rate: 30 EUR
Weekly rate: 135 EUR


If you participated in one of our tufting courses or you can prove significant experience with tufting, you can also rent our tufting machines per day / week for your own projects. Alternatively to a course participation you can also book a private introductory session.

Daily rate: 25 EUR
Weekly rate: 110 EUR


We currently offer a manual flatbed knitting machine.

Daily rate: 30 Euro
Weekly rate: 135 Euro

Offers for working with our digital knitting machine coming soon.


Our lab is equipped with a HILO spinning machine and a small scale E-spinner.

Daily rate: 30 Euro
Weekly rate: 135 Euro


We are offering an electronically controlled Toika shaft loom for your weaving projects.

Daily rate: 50 Euro
Weekly rate: 225 Euro

Please request the envisioned technology and add a short description of what you are planning to do, the duration and timeframe as well as additional support needed (if applicable).

We are highly flexible - if you want to combine several techniques for your project, we can create an individual offer for you. And you can even add a short term workplace in our co-working area.

We are also open for individual residencies.

All prices are exkl. 19% VAT

Additional support and consultation

The idea behind berlin textile coop. is to create synergies and intersections in the field of textiles and beyond. 

Therefor numerous experienced textile experts can support your textile projects with specific support and development & design services.